What the heck am I doing?

I’m not asking that question just about the blog–even though I really don’t have any idea how to run a blog.  I’m asking it about writing in general.  Let me clarify.  I love writing.  No, I mean I really LOVE it.  I’ve been writing stories since I was fifteen.  I took every creative writing class I could lay my hands on back in high school (and no I won’t admit just how long ago that was).  I’ve joined fan bases and dabbled in fanfiction and had some beta readers who have become good friends that I’ve learned more from than I ever learned in school about writing.  But as much as I’ve learned and practiced honing my writing skills (and practiced and practiced), I can’t ever seem to figure out what the heck I’m doing.

Because, let’s face it, I have a life, a family, as well as other hobbies that all add up to having zero time to actually write.  So, I’ve turned to the game of seeing how little sleep I can still function on just to allow myself to stay up writing until the wee hours of the morning.  If you are a writer and you’re actually reading this (then shame on you, why aren’t you writing?) then I know you feel my pain.  But we writers persevere because we have no choice.  It’s in our blood and we love it and we HAVE to write.  I’ve tried ignoring the urge when it hits me, but it just continues to hound me until I give in and find myself up at two a.m. jotting down plot points furiously (thank goodness for backlit keyboards, am I right?).

So, that’s what this blog is dedicated to–my love of writing and my search for the elusive.  Elusive what, you might ask?  In my case, it’s to finally have a published work of fiction under my belt.  So that I can go from being just a writer, to becoming an actual author.  If I find any inspirational gems or pieces of advice along the way, I’ll be sure to share them with you in reward for you putting up with reading my rambling drivel of a blog, and I hope that if you have anything to share that you’ll do the same.

I think for my next entry, I’ll talk about the first elusive step on any writer’s journey to becoming published–finding an agent.  Until next time, my lovelies.  May your coffee be strong and your insomnia put to good use.


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